To Do List | Shopping List


Are you like me and always looking for a note pad and pen?

Keep your shopping and to do list on or near your fridge, pantry or even in your home office, and add to your list as you need to. 

White acrylic board in A5 size

Includes vinyl print (choose your colour), white board marker, strips of adhesive magnet for you to apply if you’d like to put the lists on your fridge, and or the option of soft rubber spots to hold it in place on a bench top.

All accessories come in a drawstring calico bag.

If you’d like something else printed to customise the acrylic board during check out in 'notes or instructions' please tell me what text you’d like included instead of the words To Do List or Shopping List.

* Please note that custom wording cannot exceed the length of the current words as it will not fit nicely along the top of the acrylic board.